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Flexible, simple, comfortable and safe:
the outstanding Smart Home by digitalSTROM

digitalSTROM offers the perfect Smart Home experience for every need, age, property and budget – with technology that is reliable and future-proof.

Whether you live in a small flat or a large home. Whether it’s a new build or an existing building. Whether you want to start ‘small’ or fit out your whole house. Whether you’re single, have a family or are older: digitalSTROM offers the flexibility you want. SWISS MADE



Quality for a safer home – Made in Germany

DoorBird stands for the combination of exclusive design with innovative IP technology in the field of door communication. Our products are made from precious metals and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. The design is pure, straightforward and smooth. 

Due to the consistent development and application of IP technology DoorBird products are top notch in the industry. In terms of quality, speed of push messages, voice and video, DoorBird IP Video door stations are the leader when it comes to innovative technology and design. Because of our specially developed encoding, packaging and transport technology, only 450 KBit/sec are needed for an excellent audio and video quality. DoorBird works reliably even if your smart device has only moderate internet connection. The first product in series production quality was delivered in 2009. Today, we supply door communication products for both single-family homes and large residential complexes all over the world and continuously develop innovative solutions for smart door communication.
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